Upgrading Your Auto Licence to a Manual Licence in Queensland Gold Coast (Class CA tp Class C)

We always have customers ask us what is involved to change your current auto licence over to manual licence. Its easy! 

You will not have to do your 100 hours of training again. You just need to be test ready in the manual.

You will not lose your current licence if you do happen to fail.

You will not go back to red or green P plates. You will still hold the same licence you currently hold but Queensland Transport will upgrade this to class C (manual licence)

You will still need to sit a 30 minute practical manual driving test with someone from Queensland Transport. They do not supply you with a  manual car. 

If you have time left on your current licence till it expires you will still get this time credited to you when Queensland Transport issues you with another licence but with class C on it. 

It will be posted out to you but you can still drive a manual car with the interim licence Queensland Transport will issue you once you pass. 

If you need to see if your test ready just book in with us for a 1 hour lesson. We can also get you in for a test earlier if we think your test ready. 

Unlike other states you will not be able to drive a manual car legally once you hold an open licence. You must sit a manual practical driving test. 

Please note: If you hold a CA licence and crash a manual car, you are at fault) 

Getting a fine from the police should be the least of your worries.