Get Your Licence or P’s faster @ Southport, Helensvale or Burleigh Waters on the Gold Coast with Chevron Driving School.

Have you just failed your test jumped onto Queensland Transports website only to find a 4 to 6 week waiting list to get a premium test time.

We have bulk test times at all 3 test centres on the Gold Coast so why not send us a text or email and we will give you some other options.

You can still use your own car if that is what your comfortable in and you no longer need the registered owner to sign the form but the examiner will still give your car a quick look over.

We do have a better pass rate in our cars but this is normally because you get a lesson prior which is sometimes enough time to cover some tricky intersection and clear up some bad habits not because the examiners prefer our cars.

We can also get you in for a Saturday test but they are a little more expensive and you will need to pay upfront. Remember if you Pass on a Saturday you will not be able to drive as a P plater till you go into Queensland Transport during the week and pay for your Licence.

Overseas Licence holders, remember if you fail your first test you will have your overseas licence suspended and you will need to get a Queensland Learner Licence to drive or practice. You will Not have to do the 100 hour logbook and you will Not have to hold that Licence for 1 year before trying again.

Check out our BYO car test prices online and why not add a lesson to help guarantee you get over the line next time round.