Overseas Licence Holders

In Queensland overseas licence holders must sit for their practical driving test within 3 months of becoming a permanent resident.

You will need to pop into Queensland transport to get your CRN (customer reference number) and you may have to do the written test depending on which country your from.

Once you have your CRN you can book your test through Queensland Transport or if you are after an earlier test you can book through us. You do not have to go through a driving school but you should be aware;

If you do fail your overseas licence will be suspended and you can no longer legally drive or practice in Queensland.

You should get a Queensland learner licence which means you can practice on our roads and yes you will need to drive around with an open licence holder.

You will not need to complete the 100 hour logbook and you will not need to hold this licence for one year.

You can however book another test and try again with your suspended overseas licence or you can get a Queensland learner licence to practice.