Overseas Foreign Licence Holders Gold Coast

At Chevron Driving School we understand most overseas licence holders already know how to drive but just need to adjust to our ways and style. Most overseas licence holders who sit their driving test with no prior training have a very high fail rate. Our training is designed to help overseas licence holders understand our driving differences in as few lessons as posable. We do have priority tests so we are able to get you tested faster. 

Any foreign licence holder who fails a practical driving test will have their authority to drive in Queensland withdrawn. You can no longer drive on your overseas licence. 

You can use your overseas licence to resit another driving test, but if you want to drive or practice you will need to obtain a Queensland learner licence. 

You will not need to complete the 100 hours and you will not need to hold this licence for 1 year. 

Once you pass the practical driving test you will be issued with the equivalent licence to your overseas licence. 

Remember there is a cooling off period to sit another driving test if you do fail your test. 

First Fail                    Can resit the next day

Second Fail               Can resit on the 8th day

Third or more Fail     Can resit on the 29th day

Your driving test can be organised through Queensland Transport or directly through Chevron Driving School.