Driving Test Gold Coast

So you have finished your logbook jumped online and now discovered the waiting list to sit your practical test can be up to 6 weeks. wow

At Chevron Driving School we can get you in earlier with our bulk bookings from Queensland Transport or even a Saturday test so you wont have to take time off work or school. We can help you out with a Southport practical test, Burleigh practical test, Helensvale practical test or even Currumbin practical test. Each test centre can vary slightly in testing criteria but if you have done the training it will not matter which centre you conduct your driving test.

Make sure you are ready before you sit your practice test as this is why the waiting list is so long in the first place. Have some lessons do some training so you are well prepared. The test is not difficult if you have done the hours and the training.

If using your own car, is it up the scratch? You will be wasting your booking fee and everyone’s time if your car is not roadworthy. Please check your car as you wont even leave the car park if there is an issue. As frustrating as this can be for you after doing 100 hours practice your car needs to be roadworthy for everyones safety.

If your are going to sit the driving test in your own car make sure you have the signature of the registered owner. This is very important. Using your own car can save you some money but make sure everything is all good.

Please remember Queensland Transport does not supply a car for you to be tested in.

Believe me your driving examiner is not going to trick you or make your test harder and if the second worst thing is that you do fail, relax learn from your mistake and we will just find you another test. Its all good at least you didn’t do the worst thing (crash) haha.