Finished my log book (QLD learner drivers)

You have spent 12 months filling in that painful logbook and YEAH! you have completed the 100 hours with 10 of night driving.

So… what’s next?!

  • If you have completed your 100 hours before you are 17 you can now send your logbook away and get it approved. (why wait) It does say in the logbook you need to be 17 to sign, but trust us and send it away!!!
  • Check you’re adding up.
  • Have a few extra hours up your sleeve just in case you have overlooked or miscalculated.
  • Ensure you have NOT filled your log book in with pencil – it needs to be in pen and easy to read.
  • Remember you can only triple 10 1 hour lessons.
  • You could drop into your local post office, send it away registered post for free and wait up to 3 weeks, 12 working days or you could book one of our priority tests within 2 weeks after your 17th birthday as long as you have held your learners for 1 year. Then take your log book into the Queensland Transport customer service centre, the same one you booked your test at, and avoid the 3 week waiting period.

Things to avoid:

  • Don’t book your test the morning of your birthday as Queensland Transport will need time to go over your log book.
  • You must be confident your log book will pass otherwise you risk losing your booking fee and your test fee if doing your test on your birthday.