Top tips to PASS your driving test (Queensland)

  • When REVERSING look out the back window before using your mirrors
    otherwise you will be doing another driving test.
  • STOP signs – Stop before engaging first gear. If you scan early and see no one is coming it is very hard to stop. Roll through and you will be doing another test.
  • GIVE WAY does not mean stop but if you pull out and slow down traffic, you guessed it – you will be doing another test!
  • SPEEDING on test day is not advised. Practice doing 5km under but don’t stare at the speedo. Otherwise you will miss the inevitable 40Km road work sign. When practicing this try and be in the left lane. The car behind you probably doesn’t want to do 5km under.
  • 40km road works and school zone. Very simple – make sure you actually do 40. The car next to you might not be doing the same thing, but he does not have an examiner sitting next to him.
  • Right turns at CROSS ROADS. Look for the line markings in the centre and know the difference between the cross roads without centre lines. These intersections have a very high fail/crash rate. If there are no lines on the road, keep to the left. The road isn’t all yours.
  • Give PARKED CARS a 1m leeway. Unless of course you want to come home with another car door!
  • MERGING ensure you match the speed of the traffic. The long merging lane is designed to be used and helps you get your speed up for seamless merging.
  • Lights with NO ARROW. So many people have no idea. The first car moves into the intersection, wait for a safe gap or finish your turn once it turns orange or red. Remember to follow the guide line as the car on the other side would like to do the same.
  • ROUND-A-BOUTS remember to slow down, gear down, look early and don’t stop for the car on the right who is still 30meters away from the roundabout. Remember your manners and indicate as you leave so other cars know where you are going next and to keep traffic flowing.
  • If you’re not at TEST STANDARD to start with you will find it very difficult to pass first time. We make sure all of our clients are above test level so when you get nervous and make a few mistakes, which is very normal, there is a high chance you are still likely to pass.
  • The examiners are NOT going to trick you!

The driving test is not that hard. Try not to drive different on test day. Have a few lessons, practice your manoeuvres, do a practice test with your instructor and you will pass your test FIRST time.