Lane changes (QLD) with blind spot monitoring

More cars are now coming out with Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) but we should not be changing the way we conduct a lane change because we have BSM.

Have you ever looked in your mirror and thought “Great! How am I ever going to get across into that lane?”

Regardless of how busy it is, always indicate first. This will give the car in your blind spot time to speed up or slow down and actively help you out with your merging. It will also activate the BSM so if there is something there that you were not aware of, the BSM on your wing mirror will now be flashing.

If your indicator is not on, this feature will not work. Use your mirrors as much as needed as you can still keep an eye on your road position with your peripheral vision even move a little closer to the side of your lane just to grab the attention of the ones not paying attention. Then finally a small shoulder check.

This is not just something you do just on your learners or if you do not have BSM. Always do a shoulder check. It only needs to be small and try not to turn around and look out the back window! As I see all the time.