Improvements to the practical driving test Queensland (Q-SAFE)

From 29 June 2015 an enhanced practical driving test (also known as Q-SAFE) will commence across Queensland.

The enhanced test will apply to practical tests for cars, heavy vehicles and motorcycles.

The major enhancements, placing a stronger emphasis on high-risk manoeuvres and safe driving skills and behaviours, include:

Introducing zero tolerance to speeding whereby a critical driving error will be applied for any level of speeding, reflecting the fact that it is against the law to speed over the posted speed limit in any circumstances.

Increasing the significance of not maintaining an appropriate following distance and not displaying appropriate hazard perception by introducing a specific repeat driving error for both criteria—resulting in a fail if a person commits the same error 4 times.

Introducing highly desirable drive situations such as high speed merging, to be assessed if the infrastructure and/or traffic conditions are available. In areas where infrastructure does not allow for a high speed merge, a left or right turn from a side road into a higher speed road is recommended as an alternative.

Reducing the minimum number of manoeuvres required to be assessed from 3 to 2. The current selection of manoeuvres will be retained are turn around, U-turn, hill start, automatic gear change, reversing exercise and reverse park—1 of the manoeuvres must have a reversing component.

Strengthening the criteria to specifically prescribe the minimum number of right and left turns that must be completed at certain intersection types—such as T-section and cross road intersections.

The enhanced Q-SAFE practical driving test also places a greater emphasis on the driving examiners providing meaningful feedback to the candidate at the end of the test.

To help you develop the skills needed to pass the Q-SAFE practical driving test and become a safer driver, it is suggested you read the relevant guide to the practical driving test you are taking:

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