How to get the most out of your driving lessons

Get results faster

  • Pre-fill your log book prior to your driving lesson.
  • Pay prior to your lesson or bring cash on the day. Going to the ATM during the lesson loses valuable time.
  • Practice what your driving instructor shows you in-between lessons so you can move on to the next level. We will show you some different techniques, your parents may show you their way, your partner may show you another way, but practicing all of these methods will help you to become a more experienced driver. Your ability to handle and process different driving situations quicker is highly valuable.
  • We will teach you different manoeuvres. If you are in manual these can still be practiced in an automatic vehicle.
  • If you have booked a 7:30am lesson, please don’t wake up at 7:25am – the more awake and alert you are, the more you will absorb during your driving lesson.
  • You may have passed your L test but we all forget or need to keep up to date with road rules. Jump online and refresh often – it’s FREE.