How to select the best driving trainer/instructor

Whilst most of us believe we are a really good at driving, not everyone has the ability to be really good at driver training.

Some of the things to look for when you are selecting your driver trainer are the following traits:

  • impeccable driving record
  • current defensive driving skills
  • professional trainer and assessor
  • exceptional communication skills
  • extremely reliable and trustworthy
  • friendly, calm and very patient
  • passionate about road safety; and especially
  • dedicated and enthusiastic about driver training

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – you need to be 100% comfortable with your instructor in order to get the most out of your lessons.

Think of the driving instructor as your very own private tutor who is equipped with a selection of training resources designed to improve your driving ability. Training should always be delivered in a friendly and positive manner so that you can relax and concentrate on learning new skills.

Students are encouraged to practice newly acquired skills in between lessons to enable them to achieve a high level of performance and consistency. Comprehensive on-road training is the key to your success.