Driving School Gold Coast Testimonials

Thank you so much for everything. You’ve kept me safe and will be keeping me safe. Thank you.

Thank you so much Pete, you have been fantastic – nerves of steel. Beck is going so well, back and forth to uni now, which is quite a trip. Thank you for teaching her how to stay so safe; it’s something she’ll have for life. All the very best.
Trish & Mark (Becky’s Mum and Dad)


Thank you for having the patience and courage to teach me how to drive – I am sincerely grateful for having such a friendly and calm instructor. I hope to see you on the road.


Thank you so much for teaching David the finer points of driving. We were so pleased that he passed his driving test the first time around (unlike his mother) and he has become more confident since having lessons with you. I just hope and pray that we both remain the voices in his head should be think about doing something silly while driving. Thank you also the the ‘P’ plates you gave to him – that was a lovely gesture.


Over the past few months I have received driving lessons from your school and recently I successfully completed my first driving test. I believe it was my instructor’s constant encouragement and patience that saw me through – he taught me that you do not have to be perfect at everything you do in life and that you can do anything you want if you at least give it a try. I would not hesitate to recommend Chevron Driving School to those in need of a referral.
Yours thankfully, Emma


You’re an absolute wealth of information and a huge inspiration. Thank you for sharing this and all your time. I guess the wildlife of SE Qld would be eternally grateful if they were aware of your enormous input into these projects.