How to stay focused on your Driving Test Day

A driving test can be a stressful event – and when the nerves kick in – a learner who is well-prepared has an edge.

So what foods can help you cope better on test day?  

Good nutrition can increase mental alertness and so eating foods rich in iron and zinc (eg red meat and whole grains) can help to improve memory and concentration.

Other tips to stay focused are:

  • Have a good night’s sleep – sleep is also important for memory and concentration so aim for seven to eight hours sleep leading up to test day.
  • Exercise – take the dog for walks or work out at the gym – exercise helps you to cope with mental stress and makes you feel better.
  •  Laughter – watch a good comedy or read a funny book to boost your mood. Laughter clears the cobwebs from your mind and puts you in a positive mood.

What about ‘practise/mock tests’?

At Chevron Driving School we use ‘mock tests’ to put students under test conditions and then use the results to better prepare them for test day. We find that when students realise they are being assessed – and the nerves kick in – they often lose concentration and forget to drive safely.

Our driving instructors are skilled in assisting students to overcome their nerves – enabling them to drive to the best of their ability on test day and pass first go.