Tips for Learner Drivers on TEST DAY

Just before you go out on a practical Driving Test in Queensland, the examiner will ask you to read a special information sheet explaining what you can and can’t do during the test.

This is called ‘Message from your Driving Examiner’.

Q-SAFE is the name of Queensland’s practical driving test and is designed to assess a person’s ability to drive safely and correctly in different driving situations. Have a read below to prepare for test day.

Message from your Driving Examiner

Q-SAFE is designed to evaluate your ability to drive safely and correctly in different driving situations which may include a variety of speed zones.

I will be asking you to undertake a series of driving tasks throughout the assessment. You will be given clear directions in ample time.

If I don’t give you any specific directions, please just follow the road and be directed by road signs, signals and road markings.

You will be expected to perform the driving tasks when conditions are safe and in accordance with the road rules.

If you have a mobile phone, please ensure it is switched off for the duration of this assessment.

Please make any lane changes that are necessary to follow my directions.

At no time during the assessment will I ask you to perform any driving tasks that are illegal.

You may see me marking the report form during the assessment – please do not assume that an error has occurred.

If your vehicle is fitted with blind spot mirrors you are still required to conduct shoulder checks to ensure there are no vehicles in the blind spot.

Once the assessment has commenced I am unable to answer any questions that may influence your driving performance.

If the vehicle is fitted with driver assist devices (for example GPS, speed alarms, park assist or easy start) please turn these devices off for the duration of the test.

Do you have any questions?